FAQ For Beginners About Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting services that are available today. The two primary categories are shared and dedicated web hosting. The difference is simple: with shared hosting, several websites share a physical address and can share a web server and resources, whereas with dedicated web hosting, only one website is allowed to participate in the web hosting service.

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FAQ #1: What exactly is reseller hosting? Reseller hosting is an arrangement that involves one business (the reseller web hosting service) renting physical disk space and bandwidth from a web hosting provider, who then leases other resources to other businesses (accountants, entrepreneurs, etc.). The reseller does not own the website and does not manage or administer the website. Instead, this service is provided by the web hosting provider, and the customer is billed per each website that they have registered for hosting.


The customer is not required to pay for the entire hard drive space, although, many providers do expect a minimum of 1GB of free hard drive space for each website they host. In addition, each website receives an amount of allocated bandwidth. The reseller hosting plan usually allows customers to choose their own web hosting package. Many of these plans include a monthly service fee. For some companies, it may be more cost effective to use an independent hosting company for all their websites, rather than continuing to use the reseller hosting plan for every website.


FAQ #2: What are the differences between shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting packages? A reseller hosting plan is a kind of Web hosting that involves several websites on a single server. The reseller doesn’t own the website and instead works as a middleman, selling the bandwidth and other services to the buyer. Resellers have control over the content, faqs, settings, etc on the website, but not the actual website owner. This can make resellers a good choice for small businesses who want to start an internet business without taking on large financial risks.


FAQ #3: How do Web hosts make money? Web hosts profit when their websites load quickly and don’t experience any downtime. Web hosts make money either by charging for monthly or annual fees, or by collecting a fee from one of their clients and passing that along to their customers.


FAQ #4: Why would I want to use a reseller hosting plan for my new website? Reseller hosting allows you to take a website that you already own and bundle it with features and software that you need to run the website on. This gives you complete control over what goes on your website, and you only pay for those features that you actually use. Using a reseller plan makes money for small business owners who are trying to make a go at internet marketing. It is a good way to get started in a home based business.